File Formats

A look at SpectraStrobe's supported audio file formats.

Supported Stereo Formats

Precision File Format Bit Depth Pro Con
Lossless .wav 16 bit accurate/uncompressed playback large file size
Lossy .mp3 16 bit smaller file size possible compression artifacts

Note: All final mixes should be stereo.

Wave Files

Recommended Settings: 44100 hz or 48000 hz, 16 bit

Wave files (.wav) use uncompressed audio and offer perfect playback of the original digital recordings but have the largest file size.

Note: Although it is possible to have 32 bit wave files, 16 bit is recommended for compatibility when playing back from the Kasina directly.

MP3 Files

Recommended Settings: 44100 hz or 48000 hz, 16 bit, 320 Kbps constant bit rate (CBR)

MP3 files (.mp3) use varying methods of audio compression to achieve smaller file sizes at the cost of introducing inaccuracies during audio playback. As long as a constant bit rate of 320 Kbps is used, the compression artifacts introduced should be completely neglibable both from a listening perspective and from an LED control signal perspective.

Note: Although it is possible to use both variable bit rate (VRB) and higher compression settings (like 128 Kbps, etc.) this is not recommended for use with SpectraStrobe as this will introduce too many sample inaccuracies during playback and likely lead to visual control errors or failure to detect visual control in general.