An introduction to the SpectraStrobe audiovisual format.


SpectraStrobe is a technology used within the field of AudioVisual Stimulation (AVS) with the intent of using sound and light to alter perception or behaviour. With SpectraStrobe, both light and sound signals can be simultaneously encoded into a general stereo audio signal. When a SpectraStrobe signal is consumed by a capable decoding device, light signals are typically routed to a pair of LED glasses while the audio is typically routed to headphones.

Similarities to AudioStrobe

SpectraStrobe shares similarities with other audiovisual encoding technologies such as AudioStrobe, but it is a newer implementation that encodes more channels of color information. AudioStrobe is designed to control LEDs that only have a single, fixed color. SpectraStrobe can control and mix a full spectrum of color for each eye using separate red, blue, and green color channels/LEDs.


When a SpectraStrobe or AudioStrobe encoded signal is played on a general audio device such as a CD player, computer, or mobile phone, the audio will play normally, and the light-specific signals will be inaudible. In this sense, SpectraStrobe and AudioStrobe signals are backwards compatible with any normal audio device.

Both technologies are also somewhat cross compatible: SpectraStrobe-capable devices can typically decode AudioStrobe content, and a subset of color control information from SpectraStrobe content will typically play back on AudioStrobe decoding devices, with varying results.


SpectraStrobe™ is developed by MindPlace®

AudioStrobe® is developed by Audiostrobe Ltd.