Prism Operation

An operation guide for basic Prism workflows.


Prism can be controlled within your DAW via Parameter Automation.

Every automatable Parameter within Prism is exposed to the DAW, as illustrated with Ableton Live, below.

PrismOperation_AutomationParameters image-center image-full image-margin-v-24

One example use case would be creating a Frequency ramp using the associated Automation Parameter, as illustrated below with a ramp that moves from 40Hz to 0Hz over the span of the composition.

PrismOperation_Automation_FrequencyRamp image-center image-full image-margin-v-24

MIDI CC Automation

All exposed Prism Automation Parameters can of course be controlled live via MIDI CC mapping within your DAW. In the following example, MIDI CC 73 and 75 are mapped to Frequency and Light Mod Depth, respectively, within Ableton Live:

PrismOperation_MIDICC image-center image-full image-margin-v-24