A guide for testing the Prism output on the MindPlace Kasina device.


The Kasina light & sound player controls session selection and playback. Its audio output provides the headphone & vibration signals, and the LED glasses output controls the visual signals of the LED glasses.


Kasina Outputs image-center image-full image-margin-v-16 image-radius-24

  1. Power Button Press and hold button to power on and off
  2. USB / Charging Battery charging via USB cable; optional data & audio mode
  3. Aux. Input 3.5 mm auxiliary audio input (external streaming input)
  4. Audio Volume Level Adjusts Kasina's audio level (audio only)
  5. LED Glasses Brightness Adjusts Kasina's LED level (LEDs only)
  6. Navigation Wheel Selection: UP, DOWN, RIGHT (confirm), LEFT (back)
  7. Select/Play/Pause Plays/pauses content or selects a menu option
  8. Audio Output 3.5 mm audio output (sound & vibration out)
  9. MicroSD Reader Stores content files
  10. LED Glasses Output 3.5 mm LED glasses output (4 conductor TRRS)

General Operation

  • To power the unit on and off, press and hold the (1) Power Button for several seconds. If the unit doesn't power on, make sure it is plugged into a USB power source first for charging.

  • (4) Audio Volume and (5) LED Brightness can be adjusted independently using the controls on the left and right side of the Kasina

  • Once turned on, the Kasina will display its Main Menu choices: SESSIONS, USB, AUDIO IN, SETTINGS.

  • The (6) Navigation Wheel can be used to navigate the menu screens by pressing: UP, DOWN, RIGHT, LEFT or to select menu choices. The circular (7) Select/Play/Pause button selects the current menu item. RIGHT = back/cancel, LEFT = forward/confirm. Kasina Navigation Wheel image-center image-height-380 image-margin-v-16 image-radius-24

Required Settings

When the Kasina is new, it must have factory settings changed in preparation for ideal playback of Prism multi-sensory content.

Kasina Outputs image-center image-height-380 image-margin-v-16 image-radius-24

  1. Select SETTINGS from the Main Menu
  2. Select Audio from the Settings Menu
  3. Navigate to AudioMax. Volume
  4. Click UP until Max. Volume is set to 52
  5. Click the Kasina's (7) Select/Play/Pause button to save the change

Exit SETTINGS by repeatedly clicking LEFT until back in the Main Menu, or simply powering down the Kasina by holding the (1) Power Button.

Optional Settings

  • Power Management → Display Off Timeout = Never off - (do not turn off the screen during a session)
  • Power Management → Device Off Timeout = Never off - (do not turn off device after a period of no use)
  • General → Play Countdown - (change or turn off the countdown after pressing play)

Micro-SD Card

For bounced/rendered sessions, the best way to transfer them to the Kasina is via the Micro-SD Card.

  • To insert a card, make sure its pins are facing up (towards the screen), and insert it into the (9) MicroSD Reader until the card clicks securely into place.

  • To remove the card, use your finger nail and press in on the MicroSD card in the (9) MicroSD Reader until the card inside clicks and releases outward.

  • The Kasina plays content in the form of either .wav or .mp3 files loaded onto its MicroSD card. Cymatic Somatics content files have been created specifically to work with the Kasina. The (9) MicroSD Reader is accessed at the bottom of the unit. Folders are supported. Kasina MicroSD Card image-center image-height-380 image-margin-v-16 image-radius-24

Selecting a Session

  • With the SESSIONS menu item selected in the menu screen, click the (7) Select/Play/Pause button to select SESSIONS mode.

  • Once in SESSIONS mode, use the (6) Navigation Wheel to browse content on the MicroSD card.

  • With a file on the MicroSD card selected, press the (7) Select/Play/Pause button to play the file (press again to play/pause the track). Hold RIGHT on the (6) Navigation Wheel to fast-forward. Press LEFT on the (6) Navigation Wheel to go back or cancel. Kasina Outputs image-center image-full image-margin-v-16 image-radius-24


  • The (8) Audio Output should be connected to the vibration device's audio input with a stereo 3.5 mm auxiliary audio cable. Connect this directly to Headphones instead if no vibration device is used.

  • The (10) LED Glasses Output should be connected to the LED Glasses via their attached 3.5 mm TRRS cable. Kasina Outputs image-center image-height-380 image-margin-v-16 image-radius-24