Thank you for your purchase of Prism! Here you'll find detailed documentation for the plug-in, from installation to usage and troubleshooting.

Important Health & Safety Information

Before using the Prism plug-in, please read:

Issues & Troubleshooting

If you need to troubleshoot issues:

Quick Start

Once you've installed Prism, the easiest way to get started is to download a Prism project template for one of the supported DAWs below:

The Prism Project Template consists of the following:

  • A Prism track with an instance of Prism connected to the DAW's main stereo output track
  • An audio track that is already properly equalized for SpectraStrobe encoding, and is connected to Prism's audio input for reactive visual modulation of any audio source (simply add your own audio file)
  • Individual parameter automation lanes created for each of Prism's parameters, set to default values
  • A single frequency sweep in the Frequency parameter's automation lane for demonstration purposes, which can be easily edited

This template provides a convenient starting point for your own SpectraStrobe, AudioStrobe, or audio entrainment projects.

Prism_Template_Project image-center image-full image-margin-v-24

Prism Overview

To learn the basics of Prism, it's interface, and operation, you can visit the Prism Overview section.

Creating a New Project

Open the template project that you downloaded above in your DAW, save a copy using File → Save As, and begin to add your own parameter edits and any additional tracks you desire.

Mixing, Output, and Rendering

Mixing considerations for your project, and rendering the final output to file is covered in the Rendering & Output section.


Visit our community forum to discuss all things Prism and to share tips, tricks, creations, and inquiries.